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Business Analyst (BA)

NEPAIT delivers Business Analyst who have an excellent analytical skill, deep domain knowledge and solution oriented motives. The analyst who can collects requirements, organize, and structure the requirements of the project in document form.

Our BA typically performs a liaison function between the business side of an enterprise and the information technology department or external service providers. Also, identifies and understands the problem and the impact of the solution on the organization’s business.

Characteristics of our BA:

  • A key link in between Project Managers and System Developers.
  • Capable to walk into any business area and be able to elicit the client’s business requirements, completely, accurately & consistently, regardless of amount of experience she/he has in that subject area, regardless of the years of IT experience or education level.
  • Domain background knowledge or skills to logically extract the requirements from any domain.
  • Good in Interpersonal and Leadership skills.
  • Versatile domain knowledge.